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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you sent in a paper registration it is entered into the tourney machine program and you will also receive an email that does not include your payment.  Once the registration is fully processed it will show that you have paid.  

  • Whom do I make my check payable?  Redding 3on3 

  • Where can I drop off my registration?  -

                                      LITHIA CHEVROLET
                                       200 E Cypress Ave
​                                       Redding, CA 96002


  • WHERE AND WHEN DO WE GET OUR t-shirt?  You can pick up your tourney shirt at the Civic Auditorium Saturday morning, tourney shirts are given to teams that register before May 20 and are first come first serve on sizes and while supplies last.


  • Can I have more than 5 players on my team?  No, teams are limited to 5 total. 


  • Can we change our roster?  Yes, you can change your roster as long as it is done before your first game.  Once you have played a game it is locked in and no changes can be made or your team will be disqualified.  We will be sending out a link for you to update/change and verify your team roster before the tournament.


  • I'm not seeing the register button on the tourney machine page.  - It is in the upper right-hand corner and is a green button.  If you are on a cell phone or tablet you may need to scroll to the right to see it.


  • Teams are guaranteed 3 scheduled games on Saturday and will be entered into a round-robin tournament on Sunday. 


  • The tournament schedule will be released the day after the final registration deadline.  We will release it as soon as it is finalized. 

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